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Recipes starting with C

Cajun Popcorn

Cajun Potato Salad

Caldillo with Cornmeal Doughballs

Beef stew to you and me, every country has one. In Mexico it’s drunk with beer and there’s usually a bottle poured into the stew. A bottle of Negra Modelo makes sense, dark and rich just like the chile ancho that flavours this simple beef dish

Chorizo in Cider

The thing I miss most about Spain is going out for a few drinks, some tapas, doing a bit of bar hopping. The most you get in this country is a bag of crisps or nuts, or a kebab on the way home. I usually console myself by having a few tapas before going out, or having a party with tapas and a bunch of friends. These dishes are also great for lighter lunches or Sunday brunch.

Chorizo with Potato

A delightful Tapas dish can be served as a light lunch with a side salad, a side dish or as a Tapa.