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The Far East and Caribbean

Freda's Chinese CurryOut

Freda is what I like to call my brother Kevin as a wind-up; something to do with his big monobrow. He, like me, has a bit of an obsession with the best Chinese carry out curry.
I've created this using Goldfish brand curry paste, adding a star anise to satisfy Freda's "must have the right amount of aniseed" requirements. He also likes his vegetables soft, a counter reaction to those barely cooked, once round the wok efforts you get in some Chinese take-aways. You can take the boy out of Greenock but not Greenock out of the boy.

Indonesian Meatballs in a Sweet & Sour Peanut Sauce with Coconut Rice

Messing around with various eastern cuisines to produce fusion dishes has been going
on for centuries, so why stop now. I have tampered with a Vietnamese meatball recipe
by doctoring Fox's satay sauce mix with hoisin sauce and coconut milk. Tossed them
all together with garlicky green beans and served it with coconut rice.

Jerked Chicken with Gungo Peas & Rice

Originally from Boston Bay, Jamaica, now available from BBQ shacks all over the island and the world. Secret marinades, now available in conical shaped jars are rubbed into various meats. Cooking the meat on the BBQ over charcoal is most amazing, though I have been known to oven bake during winter - still delicious. This recipe first appeared on a flyer entitled GREAT FOOD YOU DON'T SEE ON THE TELLY. We cooked a batch for customers around the time of the Channel 4 food festival. Not only did our people get free chicken, they got this recipe, and you could smell the aroma all over Edinburgh in the months that followed.

Tex's Jerk Burger with Two Tone Fries

My family never gets bored with these. Skip the tasteless seeded burger buns and use a
good rustic bread roll. The trick is to char the dry type jerk seasoning (wet don't work)
onto the outside of the burger, and slap it on a roll with loads of accessories. This is a
napkin essential delight, and remember Tex's "anything else just isn't".

Vietnamese Meatloaf Sandwich with Carrot & Pickle

The French influence on Vietnam makes this sort of dish possible. Basically a big meat loaf sandwich, with French bread of course. The fish sauce and sambal oelek flavour and spice up the meat loaf. Oriental pickles and nuoc cham maintain the fusion theme. The end result is a tasty piece, best served with French fries.