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Hot Sauces

Hot Sauces


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PP Flamin Flatulence X-Hot Sauce 169ml
Professor Payne Indeasse's Butt Blazin' Recipe No. 5 Hot Sauce..

PP Sphincter Shrinker Hot Sauce - 180ml
Professor Payne Indeasse's Butt Blazin Recipe No 2..

Rectum Ripper - 147ml
Hot Sauce - does what it says!!..

Roadhouse Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce - 538g
Roadhouse Hot, Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce - great for spicing up any BBQ..

Roadhouse Original BBQ Sauce - 538g
Roadhouse American Sweet & Smoky Original BBQ Sauce..

Valentina Extra Hot Sauce - 370ml
Made in Mexico - Valentina Extra Hot Sauce..

Valentina Hot Sauce - 370ml
Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce..

Wet Fart Hot Sauce - 147ml
XX Hot sauce with habanero and red chiles..

ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce 335ml
ABC Extra hot chili sauce from Indonesia..

Fox's Chipotle Chili Sauce 250ml
A delisious sauce made from smoked red jalapenos from the Amazon Basin. Great on tacos, fajitas etc...

Glasgow Mega Death Hot Sauce - 100ml
Glasgow Mega Death is an intense chili sauce for heat lovers. Made from all natural ingredients, thi..

Glasgow Mega Death Jesus Lizard 100ml
A new addition to the Glasgow Mega Death range. This is a sweet but fiery chili sauce made from naga..

Glasgow Mega Death Mental Hot Sauce 100ml
A mental hot sauce for chili psychos..

Glasgow Mega Death Smokey Hot Sauce 100ml
Glasgow Mega Death Very Hot Smokey Sauce made with smoked naga chilis and smoked molasses. Very Hot!..

Hot Headz Jalapeno Hot Sauce 148ml
Hot Headz Mild Zingy Jalapeno Chili Sauce..