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The Far East

The Far East
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Fox's Bumbu Kare - 100g
Indonesian Spicy Yellow Curry Mix..

Fox's Bumbu Nasi Goreng - 100g
Indonesian Style Stir Fried Rice Seasoning - an authentic blend of spices, onions & shrimp extra..

Fox's Bumbu Rendang - 100g
Indonesian Spicy Beef Stir Fry Mix..

Fox's Bumbu Rujak - 100g
Indonesian Tangy Pork & Chicken Stir Fry..

Fox's Chilli &  Garlic Sauce - 300ml
Delicious Indonesian style hot, sweet & garlicky sauce. For use in sauces, to marinade meat, fis..

Fox's Chilli & Ginger Sauce - 300ml
Indonesian Style - hot and sweet with aromatic ginger overtones, ideal for marinades or as a dip for..

Fox's Chilli Sauce - 300ml
Hot & Sweet Indonesian Style Hot Sauce, traditionaly used as a dip for sates, also ideal marinad..

Fox's Indonesian Galangal Root - 15g
Freeze Dried Sliced Galangal Root or Gentle Ginger - essentail for most Thai/Indonesian Dishes..

Fox's Indonesian Kafir Lime Leaves - 10g
Widely used in Thai and Indonesian cooking. Soak in warm water to release a fragrant fresh Lime Leaf..

Fox's Ketjap Manis - 300ml
Thick and Sweet Indonesian Soy Sauce traditionaly used in stir fries and an essential ingredient for..

Fox's Krupuks - 250g
Indonesian Prawn Crackers Bite Size - prepare in hot oil..

Fox's Nasi Kuning - 150g
Indonesian style rice seasoning. Just mix with rice, water and salt to create a deliciously fragrant..

Fox's Sambal Bajak - 225g
Indonesian Extra Hot Chili and fried onion chutney..

Fox's Sambal Manis - 225g
Indonesian Sweet Chili & Onion Chutney..

Fox's Sambal Oelek - 215g
Indonesian Hot Chili Condiment..