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General Mexican Groceries

General Mexican Groceries
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Mate Taragui Yerba Mate - 500g
Taragui regular blend Yerba Mate..

Mate Teabags Chai - 50g
Refreshing tea with a blend of Asian spices to give a truly refreshing beverage - 20 teabags..

Mate Teabags Ginger - 50g
Revitalising Mate tea with a hint of ginger - 20 teabags..

Mate Teabags Redbush - 50g
Refreshing tea with a delicate taste of redbush. believed to be rich in minerals and vitamins - 20 t..

Mate Traditional Tea Leaves - 500gms
Organic Mate Tea Leaves believed to be low in caffeine and a rich source of minerals and vitamins..

Quaker Masa Harina 2kg
Best quality Masa Harina for making tortillas, tamales etc...

Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese Flavour - 500g
Restaurant style Tortilla chips with a mildly spicy nacho cheese flavour..

Tortilla Chips Plain - 500g
Restaurant Style Corn chips for dipping or making nachos..

Tortilla Chips Smoked Chile Flavour - 500g
Restaurant style Tortilla chips with a mild smoked chile flavour..

Valentina Extra Hot Sauce - 370ml
Made in Mexico - Valentina Extra Hot Sauce..

Valentina Hot Sauce - 370ml
Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce..

Del Fuerte Green Salsa 380g
A Mexican Green Salsa, can be used as a cooking sauce or dip...

Del Fuerte Red Salsa 380g
A spicy tomato based salsa with jalapeno chilis, can be used as a cooking or dipping sauce...