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100% Pain - 191g
Extremely Hot, Hot Sauce - 191 mls..

Arroz de Valencia - 1kg
Paella Rice from Valencia..

Bite Me Chipotle Hot Sauce - 148ml
Roasted Garlic and Smokey Chipotle hot sauce..

Botarela Saffron - 1g
Extra Pure Quality Spanish Saffron..

British Beef Jerky BBQ - 50g
Sliced beef marinated in BBQ sauce then hot dried...

British Beef Jerky Cajun Hot - 50g
Sliced Beef dry rubbed with Cajun spices then hot dried..

British Beef Jerky Original - 50g
Sliced Beef marinated in salt and water then hot dried..

Calasparra Rice - 1kg
Best quality Spanish Calasparra Rice, ideal for Paella..

Clamato - 946ml
The original Clamato - tomato and clam cocktail mix..

Colgin Hickory Liquid Smoke - 118ml
Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke..

Colgin Mesquite Liquid Smoke - 118ml
Natural Mesquite Liquid Smoke to give that smoky flavour without the fire...

Colgin Pecan Liquid Smoke - 118ml
Natural Pecan Liquid Smoke..

Colon Blow - 142g
Red hot Enema..

Daniels Black Bean & Corn Salsa - 454gms
Daniels award winning Medium salsa with Black Beans and Corn..

Daniels Hot Salsa - 454gms
Award winning Fire Roast Hot salsa from America..